Our Club Management Software Features

Gymex Club Management Software offers a host of features to keep your business up and running. Few are below and many more:

Customer Management

This feature helps you in tracking the progress of your leads' stages (Prospect, Trial, Member) and gives you an insight into determining your further steps for closing more leads as well as retaining your existing clients


An e-Billing interface to help you create and track bills & receipts accurately with corresponding calculations for New Memberships, Renewals, Upgrades, Transfers, etc. in a single click.

Follow Up

This feature ensures that your Sales team never misses out on important leads. This feature ascertains that your clients receive timely auto-generated reminders for membership renewals, upgrades, pending payments, etc.


A central repository to keep a track of all the attended, scheduled, cancelled and available appointments for one-to-one sessions such as Personal Training, Nutrition, Sauna, etc. to make it easier for your customers to book their slots with respect to availability of sessions and trainers.


Keep a track of all the attended, scheduled, cancelled and available group sessions such as Zumba, Aerobics, Yoga, etc. Send updates via SMS messages to notify your customers regarding upcoming / cancelled sessions.

Sales & Marketing

All marketing initiatives and branch-wise sales statuses can be accessed, controlled and planned using this feature. It is a necessary tool for effectively evaluating marketing expenditures and their impact on sales. This feature can be used to streamline gym’s promotional costs and improvise on sales channels.

Sales Target

This feature allows you to set and monitor targets of the sales. It can be used to set specific targets for new memberships, renewal and upgrade. It also facilitates target prioritization based on type of memberships and sales rep. attendance.

PT & Class Commission

Commission calculation of the trainers can be easily managed through this software. Value for a session can be calculated on the basis of parameters like membership value, type of class (zumba, yoga etc.) and number of attendees per class. This system promotes transparency through instant access to remuneration calculation.

Staff Calendar

The complicated task of staff schedule management is greatly facilitated by this functionality. Leaves, time slot bookings, inter-branch transfers and temporary/stand-in trainers can be easily adjusted in the calendar. This works best for day-to-day staff management, vacancy assessment and workforce planning.

Expense Management

This feature allows the Gym managers to monitor and maintain detailed account of expenses incurred towards maintenance of the facility. Expenditure status can be reviewed instantly. It’s a great tool for strategic financial planning of the gym.

Access Control

Fully integrated biometric access controls to allow or deny entry within your center's premises and also to track your customers' as well as staff's attendance.


For smooth management of multi-chain gyms this software has a special feature of 'access control reciprocity’. With it the gym can specify categories of memberships that can avail access across branches in different localities, cities or even countries. Approved members can be verified using access systems like card reader or fingerprint.

Request Approval Desk

A consolidated view actions requesting new purchase, new freeze, activation, expiry date change, giving discount more than staff's discount rights, cancellation freezing, writing-off, bills and receipts. Ability to approve or reject these actions before processing.

Space Selling Module

Helps you to keep a track of an open space of your property that has been allocated for various activities to various instructors, the amounts that are payable for utilization of these spaces, the validity for which a particular space has been booked and the availability of spaces for new customer.


Map your marketing efforts with clear data-driven ROI. Track the source of your enquiries (banner ad, flyer, newspaper ads, etc.), the medium used by your prospects to contact you (phone, walk-in), your prospects’ location, and draw actionable inferences to increase the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

Locker Management

Get a quick view of the status of your lockers - active or out of service. Track the list of members who have opted in for the locker service and the validity of this service.

Sales Commission

A sales commission is additional compensation the employee receives for exceeding expectations. Employers pay employees a sales commission to incentivize the employees to produce more sales and to reward and recognize people who perform most productively. This can be easily managed through the software. It auto calculate the commissions of the sales rep according to their sales.


A robust payroll module to help you maintain a record of all your employees’ payroll terms. auto calculate salary, leave management. Loan Management etc.